Real Talk: Asexuality…it’s real!

Asexuality is that thing that most of us have heard of, but don’t understand. For some, it can be hard to fathom a lack of sexual attraction– sex is such an integral part of how our society functions that it seems impossible for someone to not want to have sex! But believe it or not, asexuality is real.

Here are some common myths associated with asexuality, and ways that everyone can be an ally- even if you don’t believe it’s real. (Spoiler alert: it is) Read More

Virginity: Our Cultural Eraser

Everyone knows what virginity is, however people seem to forget the actual meaning behind virginity. It actually started out as a way for men to control their offspring. If a women given away at a wedding was not a virgin, then there could be no guarantee that her children would be direct descendents of the man’s bloodline. Essentially, women were seen as property in the same way a horse breeder sees their prize mare. So why is it still around today? What does virginity really mean? Read More

A Day in the Life

Story Time: This past weekend, I went to a sports bar with some teammates. I was setting my purse down when I felt hands on my waist- and I know that my teammates wouldn’t dare grab me. I turned to see a drunk man, probably around 30, staring at me. His friends grabbed him, shouting “We love you!” as a waitress ran over to get them out of the restaurant.

For once, I was happy my girlfriend wasn’t with me.
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Real Talk: Biphobia

I don’t identify as bisexual (attraction to both men and women), but something that I have noticed in the LGBT community lately is biphobia. Basically, what’s happening is that when someone comes out as bisexual, they are often erased by both straight people and other LGBT people. Read More

Baby I Wasn’t Born This Way

If talking about sexuality online is personal, then I’m about to get even more personal. When I came out to my Very Religious Family, I was asked the same things many others are asked: Why are you doing this to us? Don’t you understand how hard your life will be? The barrage of questions from my parents that I faced over a two month period were exhausting. However, one question did make me stop and think: Why can’t you just be straight again?Different panels of wood are painted to make a rainbow. The words "Born This Way" are written in white across them and crossed out in black Read More

Queer Guide to Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, so if you are a lonely singleton, this might not be the post for you (unless you’re into self-masochism). Valentine’s Day can be a bit annoying if you’re LGBT- the day is virtually a celebration of heterosexuality. However, there are some ways to make the day special if you are in a queer relationship! Read More

Real Talk: Over Sexualization of Queer Women

It’s been widely acknowledged by many that LGBT women are more widely accepted than LGBT men. One of the possible reasons for this is because queer women have been largely accepted by the “majority”: straight white males. While it’s great that at least some members of the LGBT community are starting to be seen as “normal”, the reason why lesbians and queer women are more accepted is because we are over sexualized. Can you tell the difference between the two ads below? Read More

The Butch Conundrum

My wonderful girlfriend of three years hates makeup, high heels, dresses, and manicures- instead she prefers sports, dancing bachata and video games. Though we couldn’t be more different, I still get asked questions like “Who is the man in the relationship?” and, even worse, “If you are dating a woman who dresses like/acts like a man why don’t you date a man?”. Though these questions may seem idiotic to me, whoever I’m talking to usually doesn’t intend harm by asking me these silly questions.

After all, questions need answers. So here they are. Read More

Real Talk: Abuse

Relationships in the LGBT community are glorified. We have fought for our right to marry, to hold hands or kiss in public. Being able to flaunt your significant other is almost like a badge of honor in the community- it shows courage, success and confidence. However, by placing such weight on being in committed relationships, the LGBT community sometimes ignores the issues within relationships. It’s not all pride flags and owning a cat togetherRead More